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EMD horse supplies

EMD horse supplies has a wide assortment supplementary animal feed and care products for horses, to get your horse in top condition and to keep it there! All Products are Belgian made and doping free.

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About us

As a experienced cosmetics manufacturer and horse lovers we got the question to make products for horses.

In 2012 we started EMD.

EMD offers a complete assortment natural care products, but also a wide collection supplementary animal feed for horses.

We are always prepared to help with counsel and advice for every horse lover from enthusiast to top athlete.

Our products will take your horse to top condition and keep it there.

Supplementary animal feed


From multivitamins to products for flexible joints, stress relief    or products for a shining coat!

  • Our supplements are  GMP + FSA assured





Also for a wide assortment of care products you can count on EMD. With a wide assortment of products from Hoof grease to anti-tangle and much more!


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